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The Harbour Master represents all of Palisade. The city wouldn’t exist without the trade made possible by the craft of sailing and any harbour needs a leader to enforce order and good trading conditions. The office of Harbour Master dates to the founding of Palisade before the Upheaval and through the centuries, many illustrious leaders of varying levels of sanity and acuity have graced the office of Harbour Master. The official domicile of the Harbour Master is the huge, fortresslike building called Harbour-watch Bastion on the southern strip of land that encloses the Palisade harbour complex. The current Harbour Master is Thelonius Covingstrong, a gentleman of advanced age who is only seen in public in his wheelchair. Harbour Master Covingstrong has been in office for 26 year, which is quite a feat of politics in this city. (The joke among the populace is that he glued his bum to his wheelchair so nobody can take his seat.)