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Throughout the city of Palisade, merchants and law-abiding citizens hope for peace and security and happily three different corps of guardsmen work to ensure that, using a predictable mix of force, law and checkpoints throughout the city.

City Watch[edit]

The city watch is hired by the Council of Nine and patrols the checkpoints in the city, make sure citizens have their badge of citizenship on them, distribute said badges from their headquarters of Palisade Yard, enforce basic order and investigate minor offences, such as bakers grinding sand into their flour to save money, and fine the wrongdoers. The city watch wears a green uniform tabard with a yellow stripe.

Harbour Guard[edit]

Ensuring that pirates or the fleets of other island states don’t threaten the city of Palisade is the job of the harbour guard, the guardsmen of the office of the Admiral, one of the nine. They have ships out on open water at all times and patrol the harbour complex, both from vessels and on foot when on land. They deal with accusations of fraud among the merchants and guard debtors in the dreaded prison Burned Bridge Island at the harbour entrance in the lagoon. The harbour guard wears a brown tabard with a blue wave emblazoned.

The Sentinels[edit]

The enforcers simply known as the sentinels are technically the “private” guard of the Harbour Master. Since the Harbour Master’s wellbeing and security is a public matter, however, they are paid by the city treasury (known as The Mint). The sentinels deal with matters of city state security and are rarely seen in everyday life around the city. Their agents are rumoured to be both clever brutes, spies and diplomats and also to operate in foreign territories. The sentinels have a presence at parades and community functions whenever the Harbour Master is seen in public but other than that, little is known of their day to day dealings. The sentinels’ official uniform is red and gold.