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Once upon a time, 19 years ago, a (probably tiefling) woman known as Danna Bartolin came to Palisade and established a small bureau from which specialist freelancers could be hired for more or less questionable tasks. Over the years the bureau became the Adventurers’ Guild, had a tiff with the Old Town Qualified Freelancers’ Guild (from the wealthy part of town) and somehow (the exact culprit is lost in the mists of time) ended up with a sign nailed to its façade saying “No Qualifications Needed”. As time progressed, the members of the guild took this as a badge of honour and became the “no qualifiers”. The New City Adventurers’ Guild is a much less classy and much shadier organisation than its Old Town counterpart and tends to have contacts, traditions and jobs of a more …ambiguous nature.

Danna Bartolin

Danna the Guild Mistress is a woman of quite striking appearance. She has black hair, always twisted in a horn-like fashion across her head, and eyes a slightly disconcerting hue of yellow. Nobody knows where she came from, but most assume she has infernal blood of some kind somewhere in her bloodline. Personality wise, she tends towards dry and unimpressed, but she’s a stout administrator and mediator and, if rumours are true, quite a nasty fighter in close quarters. The story of that time when the private guard of Lord (insert name of someone the teller of the story has heard of) _______, broke into the guild house to “confiscate” (insert artefact/object) ________, and Mistress Danna singlehandedly dealt with the 20 man threat, still makes the new members go “wooooo”.

Magical Membership Contract

All active members of the guild must sign and follow a strict magical contract. They are bound by its terms and conditions.

The No-qualifiers Vs. the Old-towners

The members of the Old Town Qualified Freelancers’ Guild, commonly (and often scathingly) referred to as “old-towners” are the primary competitors of the “no qualifiers”. They are all a bunch of stuck up, overly polished prats with a stick of righteousness so far up their backsides they can use it to nail their moustaches to. …The “old-towners” probably have their own string of unflattering adjectives to describe the “no qualifiers”. But they are wrong. Of course. Because they always are. And also, they smell. In terms of taking each other’s jobs, there isn’t really a problem, since the “old-towners” tend to take more diplomatically inclined jobs, or those requiring hobnobbing with the aristocracy. It is fairly rare for the two factions to meet, but when it happens, sparks tend to fly.

Grey Market

No Qualifications Needed has a wide range of contacts and the traders who gather together under the heading of the Grey Market are found on the spacious 4th floor and roof of the guild house. The Grey Market is comprised of about 20 different, more or less tiny, merchant-stands from which various types of equipment can be procured relatively legally. Items like rations, hempen rope (…curiously only sold in 50 foot rolls), and more exotic things like druidic magic components and foci, ritually attuned holy symbols and weapons and armour of all qualities can be both bought and sold here.

The Shindig

Right next to No Qualifications Needed is the rather run down bar called The Shindig. The barkeep, a halforc gentleman of questionable morals who goes by the name of Nightclobber, runs a tight ship and tolerates no brawling in the taproom: there’s a perfectly serviceable basement arena for that sort of thing, where angry people can solve their differences (and less angry people can bet on them illegally). There’s a rumour that Nightclobber once worked as an adventurer himself, even that he and Danna Bartolin, the Guild Mistress, are actually married, but all of this is completely unconfirmed and nobody has yet had the courage to ask.


First rule of potion-Tuesday: every day is potion-Tuesday!

Second rule of potion-Tuesday: there is no second rule!

The grand tradition of potion-Tuesday is celebrated on a first come, first served basis at The Shindig. Whenever the alchemists of the guild have a batch of …something liquid they don’t need, or the members pick stuff up they can’t identify, these potions are graciously donated to the special shelf at the back wall of The Shindig. The drinking games and traditions of random-potion-quaffing are as many and varied as the (sometimes) harmful, (always) hilarious effects customers acquire post imbibing.